The Art and Science of Marine Surveying

Section III - IV

Arts III: Federal Regulations, Standards, and Recommended Practices

This focuses on a general study of the applicable Code of Federal Regulations, US Code, ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) Standards and Recommended Practices, the National Fire Protection Association, and others. Attendees learn to evaluate vessels' construction, their components and systems based on the regulations, standards and practices in order to develop clear, concise Findings and Recommendations.

  • Attendees will integrate the knowledge, skills, and experience gained from Arts I and II together with the information in Arts III to effectively evaluate a vessel and to locate and relate the applicable regulations, standards, and practices.

Instructors: Lynne Reister and Larry Blais

Arts IV: The Survey Report Development Intensive

This is a detailed study of common report styles, and their components. Exercises are given in practical report writing skills, with an emphasis on the Findings and Recommendations. Various vessel valuation methods will be studied and applied to a number of sample vessels.

  • Attendees will learn to effectively incorporate the information gathered from the vessel inspection and develop a comprehensive and professional inspection report for Condition and Valuation and/or insurance purposes.

Instructors: Lee H. Ehrheart and Lynne H. Reister

Section III-IV Course Fee - $1,600

      For more information please contact:
          Lee H. Ehrheart
          Havorn Marine Survey and Shipwright School

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          Telephone (206) 789-7043