The Art and Science of Marine Surveying

Section I-II

Arts I: The Basics - Hull Construction and Detail, Rigging

This is a study of vessel terminology, construction components, details, and materials for vessels built of fiberglass, wood, and metals, with a focus on wood and fiberglass. We shall also study the techniques and methods used in the inspection process. Participants will examine and become familiar with examples of specific types of common problems and develop the ability to recognize vessel deficiencies in the field.
Both power and sailing vessels will be inspected with the intention of determining the vessel's true condition. This program is the first in the series of The Art of Marine Survey, and it is focused toward the potential yacht and small craft surveyor, the professional surveyor, boatyard professional, and anyone interested in expanding their knowledge and skills.

  • Attendees can expect an intensive combination of classroom and hands-on field experience.

Instructor: Lee H. Ehrheart

Arts II: Examining and Understanding On-Board Systems

This second course in the series of The Art of Marine Survey focuses on a general study of on-board systems. This includes engines (diesel and gasoline, inboard and outboard); machinery and propulsion; fuel and electrical systems and their components; through-hull fittings and bilge pumps; galley equipment; pump types, designs, and functions; marine sanitation devices; corrosion, bonding, and grounding systems; and safety systems.

  • Attendees will develop a general understanding of the common components of each system and their standard acceptable installations. Time is spent both in the classroom and in field work.

Instructor: Larry Blais

Section I - II Course Fee - $1,600

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