Havorn Marine Survey
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Lee H. Ehrheart, Director
Marine Surveyor, Shipwright, Consultant

Havorn Marine Survey & Shipwright School is committed to the teaching and sharing of knowledge from the marine trades through instruction and hands-on experience. We honor the contributions and experience of our students; and at the same time, we honor our professional obligation to offer the depth and breadth of our expertise and wisdom. Through the school, we hope to further the awareness of our maritime heritage and pass the skills and knowledge of the past into the future.

Over the past 10 plus years of teaching we have had many very successful spring and fall classes. We have averaged 10 to 12 students per year, of all ages and marine backgrounds. We are proud and always supportive of them. Most have gone on to become professional marine surveyors on the west coast, and have become members of S.A.M.S.
Because of fewer students in 2005 & 2006, we the staff -   Lee, Lynne, & Larry, decided in the fall of '06 to discontinue our Art of Marine Survey classes.

Lee H. Ehrheart, Director

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